The California Gold Rush
In Their Own Words and Images
Excerpt of a letter from Horace Root to his wife Eliza Root
My dear Wife,

   I have worked harder here than I ever worked at home. I have been repeatedly disappointed in making the amount of money I expected to make here. I knew that you were very anxious to see me and I could hardly bear the thought of telling you that I must be so long away from you. So you must excuse me for writing to you so seldom. I have never taken any comfort since I left you, no my dear for more than two long years I have never known what it was to lay down upon any bed at night contented and happy. Your image is ever before my central vision, and the only ray of earthly happiness that dispells the gloom from my heart proceeds from the thought of meeting you again in this world.

Horace Root,
October 11, 1851
Nevada City

Source of excerpt:
The Golden Highway, Highway 49, Vol. 1, North
2006, Ric & Jody Hornor

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