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Image of ruin of Tulloch Mill in Knights Ferry

The ruins of the Tulloch Mill was on private property and surrounded by cyclone fences and “No Trespassing” signs in 1977, which limited our available choices for images. We found a spot where we could shoot over the cyclone fence to make this image.

Knights Ferry was a popular crossing on the Stanislaus River between Stockton and the mines in 1849. When the ferry operator, William Knight, died in 1849, John and Lewis Dent took over the ferry business. They built this grist mill in 1854 next to the Stanislaus River. The Dent brothers also built a covered bridge just east of the mill which was reputedly designed by Ulysses S. Grant. Grant’s wife, Julia, was the sister of the Dent brothers. An 1862 flood destroyed the grist mill, which was rebuilt by David Tulloch. The remains of the grist mill and the covered bridge are now part of Knights Ferry Recreation Area. The mill buildings are being maintained in a state of arrested decay with paths and historical signage for visitors to enjoy.

Link to Wikipedia page on Knights Ferry.

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