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Image of building ruins in Campo Seco

We made an image of a portion of these ruins from a different angle in the 1970s but never used it in exhibits because it did not have the mood of our other images. We visited Campo Seco many times over the years hoping to find a better image and in 1992 we “struck gold.” The light that day was magical.

Settled by Mexicans in 1849, Campo Seco in Spanish means “dry field,” in this case it probably meant “dry camp.” Lack of water near the town caused many of the miners to return to the bars of the Mokelumne River in 1850, but the camp still prospered. In 1856 a water company provided Campo Seco with water and gold quartz mining was begun. Then in 1859 rich copper deposits were discovered in the area. In the 1860s Penn Copper Company supplied metal to the Union Army during the Civil War.

Link to Wikipedia page on Campo Seco.

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