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This image is of the second story of the Benoist-Ginocchio Store (also known as the Butte Store). Built in 1854, it is the only remaining building of the once thriving mining camp of Butte City (located 3 miles southeast of Jackson on Highway 49). Xavier Benoist operated a store and bakery in this building as early as 1854. It was later owned by Enrico Ginocchio. Butte City was at its prime in the mid 1850s to early 1860s with several mines nearby, shops doing a vigorous business, and the cabins of hundreds of miners. This building stood in the midst of it all.

Today the lonely ruin sits inside a cyclone fence alongside the highway. Fencing is the most effective way to protect these rural historic buildings from vandals. Unfortunately, fences and No Trespassing signs destroy the mood of many potentially wonderful images … a small price to pay to prolong the life of these structures.

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