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Fine art photographs of the California Mother Lode
with historical nuggets on the California Gold Rush.
American River in fall

A selection of images from our project, The Land of Glittering Dreams, which focuses on interpreting subjects relating to the California gold rush and gold mining.

First person historical perspective of the California gold rush.

Posts on photography, California history, and travel.


Images from “The Land of Glittering Dreams”, the fabled gold rush country of early California, present the work of George and Jo Ann Aiello, a devoted photographic team, who have spent many years catching the elusive moods and vanishing landscapes of the Mother Lode.

The area itself has been called more appealing than fiction; more romantic than history. Once the scene of the brawling camps for the mines, it retains today the nostalgic traces of those extraordinary times and a sense of history, the reality of which is about to slip away from us.

The Aiello’s are valiant and sensitive recorders of The Land of Glittering Dreams. Their images encompass its regional landscape, the architecture which the pioneers brought to it, the interiors in which they came to live and the tender evidences of the daily life of times past. Now caught for all time by two contemporary photographers who cared enough to do it.

Robert Bartlett Haas
Author: “Muybridge - Man in Motion”

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